Crystal Wright – Owner/Head Coach

Crystal is the owner and head trainer at Wright Training. Born and raised in Jackson, Crystal developed a passion for the outdoors and skiing at an early age. She ski raced and competed in rodeo throughout high school and college. After recovering from athletic injuries, she became passionate about helping people stay injury-free and healthy.

She graduated from Montana State University with a Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion. She obtained her Personal Trainer Certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in December of 2006 and has continued her education with Corrective Exercise Specialist programs as well as becoming a Mountain Athlete Certified Strength Coach.

Crystal continues to compete at the professional level in Big Mountain Skiing. In 2009 and 2012 she won the Freeskiing World Tour Title.Her certifications include:


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
  • Mountain Athlete Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist Level I
  • Yoga Fit level one instructor

Brian Mulvihill

Brian grew up in Bend, OR and moved to Jackson in 2004 after graduating from Oregon State University. His move to the bigger mountains of Wyoming gave him an ultimate new playground for alpine climbing and backcountry snowboarding.

After years of no formal gym training, he started training at Wright Training as well as Mountain Athlete in 2010.

Brian has seen the effects of sport specific training in his own mountain adventures and expeditions and is eager to learn more and help to coach others on the path to strength and performance in the mountains or in daily life.


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer
  • Completion of the Mountain Athlete Advanced Programming Course

Andrew Armington

Andrew was born in the Tetons and lived his first few years in Moose.  His father was a Park Ranger so he spent all of this life in various National Parks.

Sports and the outdoors have always run through Andrew’s veins. His current endeavors include mountain biking, snowmobiling, and ski mountaineering, to name a few. He is a strong believer that the foundation for these sports and many others start in the gym.

Andrew graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin La Crosse with a degree in biomedicine and chemistry. A future career in medicine may be on the horizon but he is incredibly happy to be a personal trainer in his birthplace for the moment!


  • B.S. Biomedicine
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Crossfit Level 1 Trainer
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Jeff Archibald

Jeff was born and raised in Ogden, Utah. He started snowboarding at twelve years old, the day it was allowed at Powder Mountain.  He moved to Salt Lake City out of high school to be closer to bigger mountains and study at the University of Utah Sport Science Department.  He joined the US Snowboard Team and competed internationally while finishing his degree from 1995-2001.   He coached his way through the ranks and was hired in 2005 to help lead the US Snowboardcross Team in its inaugural Olympic Games in Torino.  He continued coaching for the US Snowboard Team until 2019 where he coached 4 Olympic Medals and 12 World Championship Medals.  Throughout this process he worked closely with the sport science department to create progressive strength and conditioning programming that emphasized skill acquisition and cognitive processing.  

He recently moved to Teton Valley with his wife and two girls.  Jeff spends his free time snowboarding in the backcountry, mountain biking, climbing and painting.  

Bachelor of Science Exercise and Sport Science  | University of Utah 


  • US Snowboard Team Athlete 1998-2001
  • US Snowboardcross Team Coach Coached 2005-2019 
  • 4 Olympic Medals, 12 World Championship Medals
  • 2007, 2009 United States Ski and Snowboard Team International Coach of the Year
  • 2019 United States Ski and Snowboard Team Coach of the Year

Angie Reece

Angie has been a fitness and yoga instructor in Denver for the past 8 years teaching a variety of classes including yoga, yoga sculpt, fusion and HIIT. Yoga is the backbone of Angie‘s teaching philosophy and as a teacher, she wants to help students understand the alignment of the body to the various exercises they perform in all the fitness classes they attend. Angie joined Wright Training eager to join the community! She is passionate about building strength and increasing flexibility with a fun, creative approach. She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Yoga Instructor.

Ryan Zaremba

Ryan is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force from Ohio who longed for the Rocky Mountains. In 2017, Ryan decided to give up his career and start his life over with his wife in Jackson Hole. Having spent years guiding and enjoying the new sports and unfamiliar terrain, Ryan decided it was time to get back to his passion of health & fitness to help his friends and neighbors of Jackson to become healthier and to help them achieve their fitness and recreational goals.  Throughout his guiding career, Ryan found a love for closely working with and educating clients and finds it rewarding when he can be a part of making others’ dreams come true.  He is eager to provide the same quality of service at Wright Training.


  • International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) Certified Fitness Trainer
  • International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Corrective Exercise Specialist

Anika Lofts

Anika is a sports enthusiast of all kinds. At a young age organized sports like basketball, volleyball, and track dominated her spare time. Growing up in a small town outside of Missoula Montana she found her independence out the back gate of her parent’s property running her horse all over Lolo National forest. She then progressed into Kayaking, skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing, paragliding, and now dirt biking. Always the active individual she knew she wanted to work in an active job. Knowing how easily the body becomes unbalanced through repetitive muscle use in sports, appreciative of the need to put the right food in the body to fuel the lifestyle. She went to a specialized school, National Personal Training Institute, got a diploma certification in fitness coaching along with a nutritional license. After school, she worked as a trainer in Missoula, Montana, and Maui. Then decided the nomad in her needed to fly, after a decade of guiding rowdy and gorgeous multi-day river trips around the world. Including the Zambezi where she was the first female in over a decade to guide there, she realized her winter routine kept dropping her back to Jackson, WY. Now a homeowner in Victor, ID she’s excited to get back to her other work passion of strength and balance in the body. No stranger to injuries, she’s excited to help others prevent them in their lifestyles, as well as her own.


  • Diploma certified National Personal Training Institute
  • Certified Nutritional Coach (NPTI)
  • WFA certified
Wright Training Coach Haakon Lovestad

Haakon Lovestad

Haakon was raised in the Space Coast of Florida. Throughout high school, he participated in various sports such as football and track. Through these select sports, a passion was instilled for exercise and goal-based training. This continued throughout college in the form of powerlifting and recreational sports. After various years, he pursued a certification in personal training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Outside of training, Haakon surfed while living in Florida and now enjoys the various mountain sports that Jackson has to offer.


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer
kendall berman, coach at wright training

Kendall Berman

An athlete her whole life, Kendall found CrossFit her freshman year of college in a beat-up old farmhouse. Learning the fundamentals of functional fitness, Kendall went on to complete her CF-L1 in 2013. After befriending two professional CrossFit athletes, she decided it was time to take her fitness to the next level, and started honing in on her strengths – figuratively and literally. She competed in multiple powerlifting competitions, earning herself the RPS NY State Record for bench press in her weight class in 2014. Later that summer, playing in a post-grad softball league, Kendall blew out her knee and found the most relief in strength training versus other forms of rehab. She’s been a profound advocate of strength training for rehabilitation ever since.

Coaching quickly became Kendall’s favorite side hustle and passion project, and in 2019, she took over as manager for Island Athletics, a functional strength training facility on Long Island (NY). She has tested, tried and true, a variety of programming from top coaches across the country. Being part of the CrossFit community for more than 10 years now, she’s found her niche in functional fitness and HIIB, training to prepare her body – and her client’s bodies – for whatever activity or event life throws at them.

After spending several winters in Jackson, Kendall made her move permanent in 2020. When she’s not in the gym, you can find her skiing at JHMR, climbing a mountain or cooking up a feast. Kendall is super excited to be working with Crystal and her amazing staff, and brings her passion, enthusiasm and big voice to the gym every day. Her personal motto is always “training to be better, faster and stronger!”


  • CF-L1 Trainer

Devin Delaney

Devin grew up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire – instilling a love for skiing and the outdoors. Ski racing became her passion at a young age. She competed all over the country and world on the US Ski Team and rounded out her career as a 4-time NCAA All American & team captain at the University of Denver.

Since competing, Devin’s passion for health & wellness, the outdoors, and helping people ultimately led her to continuing her education in both personal training and nutritional therapy. Prior to moving to the Tetons, she was the High Performance Director of Nutrition and coached strength & conditioning at an elite ski academy in Vermont. Through her experiences, she has seen how caring for your body through nutrition, movement, recovery and mindset is key to optimizing health and taking your performance in sports and in life to the next level. Helping people do just that is her greatest joy!


  • ISSA Certified Elite Trainer

  • ISSA Certified Nutritionist

  • Nutritional Therapy Practitioner