Last year, I started to hurt more; to more frequently and acutely feel the impacts to my body from 30+ years of Teton adventures and misadventures. As PT visits and Advil doses become more frequent, I wanted a more holistic and sustainable approach to keep getting after it in the mountains. Despite my reluctance to spend time/money on gyms, the crew at Wright Training has kicked my ass back into shape. They’ve increased my strength, my stamina, and my agility, and addressed my imbalances, weak spots, and old injuries. Ultimately, I am stronger for longer, not only this weekend, but also far into the future.

Mike Geraci

I’m motivated by other people energy. I feel that I get positive feedback by the coaches and clients. Secondly I did eight weeks ski challenge and sometimes I doubt myself. My front squats Improved by 70 pounds.

Justin Moss

Old injuries tend to catch up with you as one grows older.  I’ve not been immune to those with two spinal injuries and some banged up knees and shoulders from 40+ years of playing hard in the mountains.  Ever since I started training 6 years ago with Wright Training, I have been taught how to overcome these old issues and improve my body’s performance through the mindful instruction of the trainers.  I now find myself stronger than I ever have been in my life, despite the challenges of running a startup business and having limited time to play.  Wright Training keeps me ready to take advantage of the small windows of opportunity for playtime so that I can make the most of my valuable time in the mountains.

Travis Goodman

I joined Wright Training when we moved to town 18 months ago.  I was always tired, unmotivated to get back in shape, fighting chronic hip/back pain, and desperate for change.  Ski Fit 2019 was my first time consistently back in the gym since having babies and I saw big improvements within weeks. I came back for Bike/Run Fit and in June, two mom friends asked me to start running the elk refuge on Saturday mornings. I’d never run more than 30 minutes at a time and I never enjoyed it, but I didn’t want to miss out. This time I was hooked – it was actually fun because I wasn’t completely smoked after three miles, thanks to my time in the Gym. I ran a half marathon in September and felt stronger than ever during 2020 Ski Fit. For the first time in years, I’m completely pain free, waking up energized, Continue Reading

Natalie Yates

After a back injury that really stopped my cycling, I realized time was up and I had to start some training that I knew I needed but had “put off” for too long.  I ran into Crystal when I was volunteering for a race.   She could immediately see my self splinting posture and asked what was wrong.  I told her of my back injury and she told me she could help.  I started at the gym.  Slow at first but soon ALL my back pain was gone.  I trained all through the winter and into the next summer and was feeling great.  I was finally getting the core strength I had needed for so long.  About a year after starting training, along came the Pierres Hole MTB race at Grand Targhee.  For the first time I thought I would do the 50K.  I had always done the 100K version of that race Continue Reading

David Saurman

Consistent strength training at the gym has given me: More power over longer period of time. When others were fading at the end of a long mountain bike ride, I was able to power through to the end. Better recovery with less overuse/chronic injuries. An overuse “tweak” used to turn into a chronic injury and now it typically doesn’t. Generally stronger so I  feel better when riding, hiking, gardening, etc day after day. 

Wright Training has brought about some of the most positive improvement in my life. Prior to starting at Wright a year ago I had never done any formal training and made me better able to reach my goals in the mountains and in my career. As a professional outdoor sports photographer I find myself able to push myself further and take on longer and more challenging missions largely thanks to the strength I’ve built at Wright Training.

Stephen Shelesky

I’d been struggling for years to piece my life back together after a career-ending ballet injury in 1998 and neurological damage from surgery on this injury in 2002.  The habit of approaching my outdoor activities and strength training with my “dance mind” had been crippling and repeatedly taking me back to square one: injured, confused, and barely able to move.  Thanks to Wright Training, I’ve finally been able to gain traction and break this cycle.  I have had privates twice per week for six months, and despite my neurological challenges, I can feel muscles and strength where I thought there was no hope.  I’ve also been able to unpack years of compensation problems and look deeper at the imbalances in my right and left sides.  This is the best I’ve felt in decades… literally!  I’m looking forward to continuing this journey and becoming more steady and grounded in my hiking, biking, and skiing.  Continue Reading

I live in a tiny town in the sticks of south-central Colorado. It’s a magical place with a bunch of outdoors and not a bunch of people. The downside is that there is no Wright Training facility here, in fact no gym at all.  Having moved here from Jackson and having been on a pretty steady diet of Wright Training for five years, I felt the absence of both the ski and bike/run fitness. The best part? I could do both from the San Luis Valley! Crystal set me up with the remote program for both series and I went into ski and bike seasons feeling strong.  Crystal worked with the equipment I have on hand to tailor the ski and bike fitness programs, sent the workouts weekly and checked in on my progress.  I’m thrilled to be able to stick with the pre-season training plans and get set up Continue Reading

Martha Williamson

I started strength training to help my back.  But I have found it is really helping my mountain biking.  Despite the fact I have not been riding much so far this summer, I felt really strong during the recent Cache Creek Mt. bike race.  I didn’t win, but kept up and close to some of the fast guys I ride with.  Wright Training has made a big difference in how I feel in all my other activities.

David Saurman

I have been alpine skiing since 1964 and tele-skiing since 2004.  Skiing is a significant part of my life.  I have historically struggled with weight and strength issues, which has affected my level of skiing as I have grown older.  My story with Wright Training begins with spine surgery (laminectomy) in April 2017.  I had physical therapy with Excel Physical Therapy at the Wright Training facility.  During this time, I was also doing therapy for knee surgery (ACL replacement) I had done in 2011 that had never fully recovered.  During physical therapy I observed people training with Wright Training coaches.  I inquired about the programs offered (I had never participated in physical training before), discussing with my physical therapist and Coach Crystal. Physical therapy had brought some strength back after spine surgery, however, I decided to do “more” for the upcoming ski season.  I signed up for the 3-month Ski Continue Reading

Dave G

Growing up I was always involved in athletics. Wrestling & swimming were my sports of choice in high school. Later on in my 20’s and 30’s I white water kayaked, hiked, and skied for activities. I did spend some time in the gym, but never really looked at my training as a way to optimize my abilities in these activities. In my late 30’s I developed some chronic pain issues that kept me from wanting to be active, which in turn increased the amount of time I spent on the couch. At approximately the age of 43 I was told by two separate doctors that I needed to start getting better exercise. One of those instances was by a doctor at the local health fair. He did not know me and only watched me approach him from about 50’ away. When I sat down he almost immediately said that I Continue Reading

Ben Meyring Age 50

Crystal and I go way back and a few years ago she noticed that my skiing was starting to deteriorate. She believed it was due to my lack of strength. I had a string of accidents which weakened me to the point where I couldn’t enjoy skiing like I was used to.  My form went away and because I was weak I would get hurt which continued the cycle spiraling down, weaker and weaker. 2 & 1/2 years ago Crystal inspired me to join her fitness program to combat what I was experiencing.  I’ve been working out twice a week and have noticed a huge difference in the way I feel in everyday life but also, and more importantly, I haven’t been injured since and my competitive nature has been invigorated.  I can ski race with, and keep up with, my buddies while being confident that my body is going to hold up Continue Reading


I’ve had ACL surgery on one knee and have spiral fractured my fibula on my other leg.  Crystal knew the first day I walked into her gym that I had been injured and needed to work on strength training to overcome these injures and become a better athlete.   I feel so much stronger and confident backcountry skiing and mountain biking and know that through my training at Wright Training I will continue to improve even more.

Renee Crawford

Maria Greene - Wright Training Tesitmonial

I used to be the last one up the hill, usually hiding intense fear or exhaustion behind my fancy shades or goggles. Then I joined Wright Training where I have been pushed to my limits within a fun and highly supportive community. The payoff is an endless adventure in the Tetons and beyond with a body designed to handle the demands required. Wright Training is the spinach for this 44-year old female Popeye.

Maria Greene Age 50

I have been training regularly at Wright gym for 2/12 years since I moved to Jackson.  I just spent a few days in NYC with some people I had not seen in a while and they called me “Benjamin Button” as they swore I looked younger than when I left!  If so, that is mainly due to Wright training, that has enabled me to ski, bike, hike and climb with much greater strength and quicker recovery. Happy to speak with anyone about the benefits of a regular workout commitment to Wright Training.

Jeff Flug

I am one of the older participants at Crystal’s training facility at 66.  I tracked Crystal down after I suffered a serious medical event and needed both rehab and general fitness and strength training.  I interviewed a number of Crystal’s competitors and selected her because of her focus on rehabilitation following an injury and the environment at her facility.  She did a great job assessing the state of my physical condition, talked with one of my doctors and laid out a customized plan to move me forward.  She was focused on what my goals were and motivated me to constantly be focused on moving forward.  She, Max, Jenny, and Brian make very hard work fun, at least most of the time, and monitor how your body is doing during the workout.  While most of the athletes at Wright are younger than me, the pleasant surprise is both the trainers and Continue Reading

Paul George Age 66

We are so proud of our members and for every step and milestone reached – no matter how big or small. They work hard inside and outside the gym, and we are thrilled to share their victories!

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