If I purchase a monthly option can I use it in less than a month?

Yes if you purchase a monthly membership, you either have the amount of classes you bought or a month to use them.

Can I look at my classes I have used online?

Yes you can look at you Mind/Body account and see how many punches you have used?

Should I do an orientation first if I am looking into taking classes?

Sure that is completely up to you. Your first class is free and you also receive a free 30 minute orientation so whatever works for you.

I feel that I need to get into shape before I come to your gym?

Wright Training wants to reach all demographics of people. We have trained people from athletes to people that have never worked out a day in their lives. We are individualized here to meet your needs, in classes you are coached on an individual basis.

I am pregnant is it okay to come to class?

Yes as a matter of fact you should be strength training with what is relative to your pregnancy and how you feel. We work with a lot of ladies that are pregnant.

I have had various injuries and I worry strength training might be bad for me?

This one of the biggest myths in the industry, the word thing you can do when you have chronic pain or an injury is stop moving. We are all able to modify any exercise to suit your needs. We also can work alongside with your Physical Therapist to get you back to sport or movement.