Paul George

I am one of the older participants at Crystal’s training facility at 66.  I tracked Crystal down after I suffered a serious medical event and needed both rehab and general fitness and strength training.  I interviewed a number of Crystal’s competitors and selected her because of her focus on rehabilitation following an injury and the environment at her facility.  She did a great job assessing the state of my physical condition, talked with one of my doctors and laid out a customized plan to move me forward.  She was focused on what my goals were and motivated me to constantly be focused on moving forward.  She, Max, Jenny, and Brian make very hard work fun, at least most of the time, and monitor how your body is doing during the workout.  While most of the athletes at Wright are younger than me, the pleasant surprise is both the trainers and athletes, regardless of age, make you feel welcome, feel your pain and lend motivation to my workouts.  I have been working with Crystal for almost five years, long after the rehab was complete, and now am focused on continuous improvement.  The older I get the more valuable I consider the training and conditioning to be to my overall health.  I feel blessed to have found such a talented and caring group of professionals.

Paul George Age 66