Ben Meyring

Growing up I was always involved in athletics. Wrestling & swimming were my sports of choice in high school. Later on in my 20’s and 30’s I white water kayaked, hiked, and skied for activities. I did spend some time in the gym, but never really looked at my training as a way to optimize my abilities in these activities. In my late 30’s I developed some chronic pain issues that kept me from wanting to be active, which in turn increased the amount of time I spent on the couch.

At approximately the age of 43 I was told by two separate doctors that I needed to start getting better exercise. One of those instances was by a doctor at the local health fair. He did not know me and only watched me approach him from about 50’ away. When I sat down he almost immediately said that I was in poor health and needed to start taking care of myself. I was shocked. Did I really look that bad? I did start walking and hiking again which did help out.

About a year after that I was encouraged by Noreen Christiansen, a local PT, that I should participate in a ski fit class. I had hiked a lot that fall while hunting so I was finally starting to feel good again. Since it was already November I had missed out on the local group classes, so I started asking friends about gyms. One friend, Kelsey Zelazoski, said that she loved working out with Crystal Wright and that I should give her a call. Fortunately for me, I did call her. We set up some private classes after that Thanksgiving and I found out how out of shape I really was.

The first time I really started to feel the difference from my new workout regime was skiing in January, about 6 weeks after starting with Crystal. I could not believe how much control that I was getting in my lower body from the new-found strength in my core. As I skied, I could feel my stomach muscles working and the result was that I could put a better edge on my skies and do it more quickly. Only 6 weeks in I was completely sold at this point. Still, I had a long ways to go, it was months before she would let me do a group class because I had so many things that she wanted me to improve on before I got into a situation where she would not be able to keep a constant eye on me. But I kept at it and in time joined the group classes.

Six years later, I know that I am in the best shape of my life. I feel strong and healthy. I can climb the boot pack at Snow King or Glory without stopping for a break. At 50 years old, I do need to let the 25-year-old ski partners lead the way when skinning or hiking, but I’m right on their tails.

Crystal, Brian, and Max make a wonderful team at Wright Training. They are encouraging to new members that may be feeling out of place around some of the more seasoned athletes. Their great attitudes make them approachable with any question you may have about the exercises and movements that we work on each day. At this point, I can’t imagine what my life would be like had I not been encouraged to get into a quality gym with a trainer or if I had not made that initial call to Crystal. For certain, my life has changed since joining Wright Training six years ago

Ben Meyring Age 50