After a back injury that really stopped my cycling, I realized time was up and I had to start some training that I knew I needed but had “put off” for too long.  I ran into Crystal when I was volunteering for a race.   She could immediately see my self splinting posture and asked what was wrong.  I told her of my back injury and she told me she could help.  I started at the gym.  Slow at first but soon ALL my back pain was gone.  I trained all through the winter and into the next summer and was feeling great.  I was finally getting the core strength I had needed for so long.  About a year after starting training, along came the Pierres Hole MTB race at Grand Targhee.  For the first time I thought I would do the 50K.  I had always done the 100K version of that race but due to my back I thought I would start slow.  I had never done the shorter race and because it is shorter I wasn’t sure how I would do.  Was it a sprint?  Well I felt good race day morning and off we went.  I was flying up hills I often suffered on.  I passed like 200 people- many of the classes of racers who started ahead of the 50-59 yr. olds which I was racing.  I felt great and next thing you know I crossed the finish line.  I did not win.  But I did get 2nd place.  There were 57 racers in my age class and I beat 55 of them.  I was shocked and super happy.  I attribute my great success to my excellent core strength.  I have had a lot of good races and a number of podiums, but I feel that was one of my best races because of the large field.  My latest is a partial knee replacement.  I have been regular at the gym since 3 weeks after surgery and getting stronger.  My goal was another Pierre’s Hole race this summer but it just got cancelled due to Covid, but I am riding strong and regaining my pre op strength.  Thanks Wright Training!!

David Saurman