I’d been struggling for years to piece my life back together after a career-ending ballet injury in 1998 and neurological damage from surgery on this injury in 2002.  The habit of approaching my outdoor activities and strength training with my “dance mind” had been crippling and repeatedly taking me back to square one: injured, confused, and barely able to move. 

Thanks to Wright Training, I’ve finally been able to gain traction and break this cycle.  I have had privates twice per week for six months, and despite my neurological challenges, I can feel muscles and strength where I thought there was no hope.  I’ve also been able to unpack years of compensation problems and look deeper at the imbalances in my right and left sides.  This is the best I’ve felt in decades… literally!  I’m looking forward to continuing this journey and becoming more steady and grounded in my hiking, biking, and skiing.  It’s not been a quick, easy fix, and there are inevitable ups and downs in this process, but the moments when I move and feel the strength I used to feel as an athlete are so liberating.  I’m happy to have found trainers who tailor their programming and coaching to my specific needs, who have helped me achieve tangible results, and who root for me every step of the way.  Thank you, Wright Training!