These sessions are all specifically designed for your individual goals or specific athlete needs. This can be performance-based, injury prevention or rehab. This works great if you need more of a program design and feel like you are getting stuck in the same old routine. The sessions will be programmed to your goals and what equipment you have to work with. This is great if you are on a good routine at Wright training and might be traveling a bit or gone for a week or two.

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Individualized training programs designed for your goals, your body, and your equipment.

  • 1x/Week: $60
  • 2x/Week: $120
  • 3x/Week: $144


Included with your training programs is one 30-minute Zoom session for us to check in with you, go through movements and exercises that you want to further improve, address any new goals, or run through a quick workout!

  • 1x/Week: $100
  • 2x/Week: $150
  • 3x/Week: $174


Combine one remote training program and one 1-hour private training on Zoom or stick to only private training on Zoom!  If you are new to strength training, it is highly encouraged to begin with private training.  Proper form is the most important part of training to prevent injury!

  • 1x/Week Remote + 1x/Week 1-hour Zoom Private Training: $90


  • $75/Session