Small Group Training

We offer personalized group training for groups ranging in size from 2 to 8 people. Small group training provides a private atmosphere for you and your group. The workouts are designed for your group’s specific needs and/or goals. Small group training is great if you and some friends are training for a triathlon, mountain bike race, marathon, to lose weight, to climb a peak, or for a trek. Whatever your goals are, we can personalize the workouts to get you and your group to the fitness level needed to achieve your goals.

Small group training is also great for those who have never weight trained or for those recovering from injuries as you get more one-on-one attention from one of our highly trained coaches.

Small group training can be comprised of all males, all females, family, or couples. It is open to all ages & ability levels!

We look forward to training you for your next adventure whether it is to climb the grand or lose weight, Wright Training is here for you!

Girls Rule! Katherine, JuliAnne, Margaret, Sue and Carol

Because doing things together, as a team is what it is all about…

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Our classes are for all ages and abilities. We can modify to your specific needs, injuries and training history. We offer a variety of strength training classes and recommend rounding out your training with our yoga, Pilates and stretching classes.


(all prices are per person)

Single Session:

2-4 Person Small Group:
2 person $50 each
3 person $33 each
4 person $25 each

5-8 Person Small Group:
5 person $25 each
6 Person $21 each
7 Person $18 each
8 Person $16 each

5 Time Punch Card:

2 Person: $250
3 Person: $167
4 Person: $125

10 Time Punch Card:

2 Person: $500
3 Person: $333
4 Person: $250