Base Fitness

Increase your overall strength and endurance through well thought out programming. This class is open to all demographics and abilities!

Base + Mobility

A shortened version of our base fitness class with added mobility and stretching at the end of the class.

Base + Pilates

A shortened base fitness class with added Pilates for core strength and stability at the end

Sport Specific

Sport specific classes are for recreational and competitive athletes alike. They train muscle groups, stamina and work capacity specific to your seasonal sport. If you are a skier, biker, climber, runner, kayaker (really just any kind of mountain sport enthusiast) we have a training program for you!

Typically these classes will be advertised by season. When a specific sport is in season and we aren’t quite ready to train for the upcoming season we will do sports maintenance classes to help you maintain your level of fitness in-season.

Sport Specific Classes:

April/May/June: Run/Bike/Climb

June/July/August/September: Sports Maintenance

October/November/December: Ski Fitness

January/February/March: Sport Maintenance

Teen Class

This class is for any pre-teens to seniors in high school. The class is to help develop good base fitness and strength. Teens are growing and changing so much at this age so this is to help them with there development, prevent injury and increase performance.  This is open to athletes and non-athletes. Any young person that wants to just come have fun and get a good workout! There is also some sport specific design for those needing it. There are a lot of skiers and soccer players that participate.

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