Ski Fit week 2 done!

Great news! Everyone was a little less sore this week, which is great!! We continued to progress with our leg blasters and quick anaerobic hits to the system. We learned squat cleans, which is one of the best athletic movements to mimic explosive power in skiing and snowboarding. This lift will be tracked for all athletes…

Getting Back on Track After ACL Surgery

That class had such a positive affect on me  I  kept going.  For the next nine weeks, I continued going to Wright Training and PT twice a week.  The first handful of classes I went to, I did my own workout.  Crystal programmed specifically for me and I would do it while she coached class.  This was great because I was motivated by the other athletes. It was a great source of energy.  After a few weeks,  I started doing the regular class programing.  It was a big milestone in my recovery;  I had gone from laying on the couch with an ice machine to strength training classes at Wright Training! I saw real progress in my body.  My blood was flowing and my appetite was back.  I  felt more normal everyday, both physically and mentally.