80s Workout Wednesday!!!

Come join me at the Rec Center this Wed night the 19th from 6 to 715 pm for a fun 80s style workout. You will be sweating and having fun I promise! We will have great music, everyone will be dressed up and you will get a good workout!!! Hope to see you then!!

Power and Core

Today we focused a bit on power doing some clean squats with the kettlebells, the agility ladder, we then moved into leg blasters which we have been training the last 6 weeks. This is one of my favorite exercises and I notice it the most in my skiing. Eccentric training I believe is some of…


Jane Fonda and Core

Today was the first day back after a week off, so I still wanted to ramp up the intensity, but cater toward some of the new people I had in class. We did the Jane Fonda, which is a great gluteal workout and really works the stabilizer muscles in the butt! I also tried to…


Strength and Balance

Today we focused a little more on strength and balance. We started with the Barbell complex which is a great way to warm-up and get the muscles firing properly. We then did some squat cleans, which really helps the person get the quickness from a clean to a squat position. This is a great training…


Work Capacity and Stabilization

Today we focused mainly on work capacity training and stabilization. Half of the class did the work capacity part while the other half did the mobility complex. Work capacity is very hard because you do 10-15 minutes of continual work with no rest. This really gets the energy systems working and is good for you…


Agility and Power

Today we started with the agility ladder which is great for getting you quicker on your feet for skiing/snowboarding, it also helps with coordination. We also warmed up with sandbag getups which is great for core and getting your hips and legs warm for the workout. Power is one of the most important elements to…


Power, Core and Flexibility

Today we focused more on power, core and flexibility. We warmed up with burpees, swings and sit-ups with a plate. Burpees and swings involve a ton of power and core work. The sit-ups involve basic core strength. The ability to be able to not use your upper body and really use your core lower body…