Adam Dowell

Ultimate Towner 2014

 50 Wright Training Sponsored Athletes, 4 Miles, 20 Obstacles, 100% Inspiration

Wright Training truly represented this year!  We had 50 athletes participate in this fun and challenging event.  Enjoy the photos!

Hannah Horigan Charges Through the Boston Marathon!

Running the Boston Marathon was an incredible experience. Being part of the 118-year tradition was both amazing and emotional.  I qualified for the Boston Marathon in Paris last April, a week before the bombing happened in Boston.  I was still determined to be a participant in 2014. I arrived on Saturday, April 19th in Boston and I…


Outside the Gym

       As a personal trainer I am frequently approached by clients wondering what type of things they can do at home to stay feeling tip top. This question can be difficult to answer in passing, primarily because there is no perfect answer. Just like how yoga is considered a ‘practice,’ training is also…


An Interview with Race Car Driver John Edwards!

Jackson resident John Edwards is a full-time driver for BMW.  He travels all over the country to drive the fastest, most high-tech cars in the world! On April 11th, 2014 John took second place in the Grand Prix at Long Beach!  Congratulations, John! Physical and mental fitness is necessary for a competitive driver.   John…



By:Brian Mulvihill You made it thru the winter without any major mishaps skiing or snowboarding.  Now you and your friends are psyched to start climbing again. You dug out your shoes and harness from the closet and your headed to the rock gym for a couple hours. After a quick couple laps on the bouldering…


Climbing, Cycling, and Running Fitness!

  Get ready to take your spring and summer sport to the next level! ~CLIMBING FITNESS~      April 7th through May 16th 12 Class Progressive Series Mondays and Wednesdays: 5:30-6:30pm and 6:45-7:45pm Cost is $192 for 12 classes (2 per Week) ~BIKING and RUNNING FITNESS~  April 8th through May 16th 12 Class Progressive Series…



A Natural Way to Decrease Inflammation
600px-Cherry_Stella444This is information that drug manufacturers do NOT want you to know.  Tart Cherries and berries produce the same anti-inflammatory benefits as Ibuprofen (Advil) or Naproxen (Aleve).  ~But without the nasty side effects.

Cherry growers were threatened by the FDA in 2005.  They were to face penalties if they did not remove written evidence on cherry packaging that described health benefits.  Bob Underwood, a cherry distributor explained,  “We have the government telling people to eat more fruits and vegetables, and we have the U.S. Department of Agriculture funding some of these fruit studies, and now we have another arm of the federal government that says you can’t use the research.” (Associated Press, 2006). The Department of Agriculture fruit studies proved that dark red fruits can be used medicinally to improve certain ailments.  The growers just aren’t allowed to make any claims in marketing.  We’re on our own to consider our options.

Tart Cherries contain high levels of an antioxidant compound called anthocyanins–  Literally, ‘flower blue’.  Acai berries, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, blood orange, eggplant, concord grapes, purple corn and red cabbage also contain high levels of the molecule.  Anthocyanins block the enzymes COX-1 and 2, which produce inflammatory compounds called prostaglnadins.    In easy to understand terms:  Dark purple and red plants are an important part of our diet.  They help our bodies regulate inflammation.  When we have lower amounts of inflammation, we see  benefits to our health.

Tart cherries have cardiovascular benefits and help lower cholesterol.  They have been proven to decrease inflammation and pain. Especially in osteoarthritis patients.

They boost muscle recovery in athletes.

“A study conducted at the University of Vermont gave 12 ounces of cherry juice or a placebo twice a day for eight days to 14 college men. On the fourth day, the men were asked to perform strenuous weight lifting of two sets of 20 repetitions each. Strength loss after exercise was only 4 percent with the juice compared to 22 percent with the other beverage, and pain significantly decreased after cherry juice consumption. The researchers concluded, “consumption of tart cherry juice before and after eccentric exercise significantly reduced symptoms of muscle damage.” (

And still, the FDA doesn’t want the news to get out that a natural food could have the same effects as a drug.  Their stance is that only drugs can treat or cure a disease or ailment.  Cherries have not gone through the appropriate testing to become a ‘drug’ and therefore cannot be marketed to mimic drug effects.  Of course, drugs are a big business in the US and the FDA won’t let cherry farmers have it.

Adding tart cherries or anthocyanins to you diet could make a difference in your health or pain control.  With no side effects, what do you have to loose?  Well, except for the giant 1000 tablet bottle of Ibuprofen on your shelf!