Hard Work = Success for Juan Morillon

Juan Morillon is a rising soccer star.  For Juan, it’s not only talent but also hard work that is bringing him success.   Although he is young, this player knows the meaning of discipline and determination!    How old are you? 17 How long have you been playing? Since age 4. What position do you…


Dry-Land Hockey Training!

By, Pete Wilson~ Trainer at Wright Training Summer is in full swing.  Like most people in Jackson, I am still enjoying beautiful sunny days on the river, hiking, biking, and sipping margaritas.  The truth is that deep down I’m already mentally preparing for the upcoming hockey season.  The only logical evolution is to be preparing…


Staying Stronger Longer

By: Brian Mulvihill On a recent trip to Alaska, while volunteering as a Denali Rescue Volunteer with the National Park Service, I was able to get away from job duties and climb a 1200ft alpine ice route during a “free day.” This climb would not have been possible if I had not been training before hand.…


Adam Dowell

Ultimate Towner 2014

 50 Wright Training Sponsored Athletes, 4 Miles, 20 Obstacles, 100% Inspiration

Wright Training truly represented this year!  We had 50 athletes participate in this fun and challenging event.  Enjoy the photos!