Prenatal Training: Part II, Strength Training

By Nina Clark, CSCS, RYT Strength training is not as prevalent in the research as is cardiovascular exercise, but it has been shown to greatly benefit, if done correctly, many of the issues that women face during pregnancy. There have been no documented consequences to the fetus due to resistance training to date. (Ploutz-Snyder, 2001).…


Prenatal Training: Part I

By Nina Clark – CSCS, RYT Despite recommendations for pregnant women to rest, modern research has shown that moderate exercise is greatly beneficial to the health of the pregnant woman and to the fetus. The ACOG issued recommendations for exercise during pregnancy that endorsed aerobic exercise since it is the safest form. In 1994 and…


Getting Back on Track After ACL Surgery

That class had such a positive affect on me  I  kept going.  For the next nine weeks, I continued going to Wright Training and PT twice a week.  The first handful of classes I went to, I did my own workout.  Crystal programmed specifically for me and I would do it while she coached class.  This was great because I was motivated by the other athletes. It was a great source of energy.  After a few weeks,  I started doing the regular class programing.  It was a big milestone in my recovery;  I had gone from laying on the couch with an ice machine to strength training classes at Wright Training! I saw real progress in my body.  My blood was flowing and my appetite was back.  I  felt more normal everyday, both physically and mentally.


Bridging the Gap

There is a difference between injuries healing and making a full recovery. Just because you’re “all better” doesn’t mean you are just as strong or fit as you were prior to the accident. There are two vital components to returning to your previous state of fitness, and sometimes playing yourself into shape isn’t the best…


What is Paleo?

The Paleo Diet can conjure an array of images. Popular media paints images from “hardcore” chiseled athletes sweating through an intense work capacity session to modern day hunter-gathers. But is Paleo really an extreme diet that sends us hunting our own meat with crossbows and digging for dandelion greens in an urban jungle? What is…


Climbing Fitness starts April 8th!

Climbing conditioning class 6 weeks 12 sessions Mondays 6:30pm Wednesdays 6:30 pm (Max of 6 people). 156 dollars for the 6 week session. Get ready for your rock climbing season by training climbing specific muscle groups. Increase your grip strength and core with this progressive class. This class is not intended to help your technical…


Buy your Punch Cards Online!

We are now offering punch cards online!! Please visit my new online store.

I know that you may also have a physical punch card that you are working off of at the gym. While we are in a transition phase, both are valid. Please let your instructor know which punch to use.

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